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Want to take your team to the next level?

Let's break down barriers so you can leverage your team's competitive and collaborative spirit.

Julie Dupont from Reimagine Leadership Headshot


I'm Julie

I help management teams achieve their performance goals faster through effective communication, teamwork tools, and strategies. As a leadership expert, I bring the knowledge and skills that enhance your people processes efficiently and effectively.

What We Will Do Together

When I coach teams, I work with the entire team to get people aligned,
engaged and productive. When I coach leaders individually, I get to

know you so I can serve you best.

What I bring: Expertise, tools, and strategies that enhance your performance and edge.


What you bring: A desire and willingness to try something new to get a different result.


The result of our partnership: Less stress, more freedom to do your work, less conflict, a more cohesive team.

Better Communication = Better Teamwork

When your team communicates effectively, here's what you can expect:

  • An environment people actually want to work in

  • Colleagues you can trust

  • Time spent on being productive, not on back-channeling

  • More collaboration

  • Engaged employees

What Others are Saying

“Julie is an extremely talented and focused facilitator. You’d be wise to hang on to her forever.”


"Great job Julie, you kept the group engaged, just the right amount of interaction and theory and offered opportunities to practice."


"This course is very important for the continuous development of managers and supervisors. Julie did an excellent job in preparation and presentation."


"Julie is brilliant at navigating through questions, sparking dialogue and ideas with sincere intention, fully engaged energy, yet a calm finesse. She is genuine, kind, humble and naturally inquisitive."


"Although I have taken courses that cover this kind of material in the past, this one did an exceptional job of providing structured practical exercises where I was able to put these concepts to use. I found the exercises not only fun but extremely helpful."


(1) 226-820-0430

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