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Coaching Teams

You have a good team; people get along most of the time, they’re achieving results most of the time, and performance is good, most of the time. But you want them to go to the next level. You want a cohesive team that exceeds customer expectations, makes the right decisions and gets more done with increased efficiency.

Empowering the Team

Coaching teams is a process, not an event. Depending on the package chosen, the team works together over time to optimize its strengths to overcome its obstacles. The result: a team that grows in alignment.

What can we expect from you as our team coach?

In our conversations together, I will work to provide an environment in which you and your team can explore topics safely, with encouragement and support. Count on me to respect the confidentiality of agreements made and to give straight feedback when needed.

Image by Alex Perri

What will I learn?

A step further than team-building, team coaching gets at the heart of team issues and addresses them powerfully and safely.

What's the process?

Let’s get the team in a room together and explore who the team is, what it wants, and how to achieve that, as a united whole. 

Image by Scott Webb

My Approach

1.    I prepare the team’s leader to support the desired changes.

2.    I interview each team member so that each is heard, and benchmark data is collected.

3.    The team completes an assessment, which is then discussed.

4.    The team develops an actionable go-forward plan.

5.    The team comes together over many months to discuss what it wants, and how to achieve it.

6.    I follow-up regularly, to maintain the momentum.

Let's Get Started

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