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Training & Team Building

Sometimes the way people work, just doesn’t work. Allow me to provide a judgement-free environment where people can learn, reflect and grow. I provide various programs to enhance individual performance, team dynamics and organizational culture. Whether you want something off the-shelf, or custom-designed, let’s figure out what will meet your needs in the short, and long term.

We offer a variety of topics to upskill your team:

Difficult discussions

Emotional intelligence

Performance management

Leader as coach

Managing the transition to leadership

Presentation skills

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let me know and we’ll talk about getting you what you need.


Our flagship Reimagine Leadership Program teaches leaders the foundational skills and knowledge to motivate and engage their teams. Offered in a spaced format that allows for processing and practice, leaders learn about:

Leadership Impact

Emotional intelligence

Communication skills

Performance management skills

The program includes two self-awareness assessments and valuable resources that can support application long after the program is complete.

Leaves Shadow

As an award-winning designer, I’m able to custom-design a course or program that suits your needs as well.

Please note that all courses can be taught in person, or virtually. 

Team Building

What is DiSC?

DiSC is a model that explains one’s preferred work and communication style. It’s an engaging way for people to learn about themselves and each other while having fun! With personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants learn how to adapt to the style of others, ultimately improving engagement, collaboration, and the overall quality of the workplace.


With courses running between 2 – 4 hours, each distinct Everything DiSC assessment and course is designed to help participants better understand themselves AND others. Whether improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or tackling conflict with a new mindset, Everything DiSC delivers insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of your people and your organizational culture.

Everything DiSC Workplace Map.png

What is LEGO® Serious Play®?

To provide your leaders with a truly novel and innovative experience, the LEGO® Serious Play® Method is a communication tool disguised as a toy. The LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) methodology engages people’s hearts, minds and hands through the use of specially selected LEGO® bricks to build things that metaphorically represent their answers to carefully structured questions or challenges.

If you’re going to have a strong team, people have to trust each other.


I excel at creating good conversations between
people by providing both the space, and relevant, meaningful topics that get to
the heart of how the team can work together better. Using the LSP methodology,
people walk away with a memorable experience of having:

  • hard fun with their colleagues

  • built stronger connections

  • shared a few laughs, and 

  • learned about themselves and each other

The process works well for teams because it guarantees 100% participation and engagement from every person. Plus, skill or familiarity with LEGO® bricks is not necessary for teams to benefit from the LSP method. Its simplicity lends itself well to effectively fostering creativity, sharing and reflection.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 8.18.46 PM.png

Benefits your team will receive from the LEGO® Serious Play® Method include:

  • Enhanced communication because everyone is heard

  •  Better decisions

  • Creative problem solving

  • Simplification of complex systems and processes

  • Shared understanding of the work environment

  • Increased trust because of the learning

Contact me to find out how your team can begin to have constructive discussions that create better understanding, unleash creative thinking, and bring important values to the surface.

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