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I'm Julie Dupont.

Leadership coach, team coach and facilitator. I love working with leadership teams who want to optimize how they work together so they can achieve their goals efficiently and with excellence.


Having worked in both consulting and corporate settings, I understand the importance of providing top-notch customer service, under a tight budget. I also understand the stress, frustration, disruption and wasted time of being on a challenging team. And when it’s a management team, there’s an even greater impact on organizational success.

With over 19 years’ experience in the leadership and learning field, I’ve helped leaders in North America, South America, Europe, the UK and Asia. I’ve worked in small businesses, in the public sector, and in large multi-national organizations across many industries. Everywhere I go, I see the same thing: bosses who were not taught how to be great leaders. This is my mission.

My passion is to help people be their best at work by teaching and supporting leaders to create an environment that makes it happen; because for the amount of time we spend at work, most of us want to grow and contribute meaningfully – and I can show you how!

How will I know you are the right coach for me?

During our first conversation, we will figure out if there is a good fit. By chatting, we will both get a feel of what it would be like to work together, and then make a decision.

Who do you work with?

My clients are supervisors, managers and senior leaders who are willing and ready to make a change, and/or who are looking for growth in their professional life.

I also work with management teams who:

    - know what they want
    - work relatively well together, and/or
    - want to take their performance to the next level

To find out what I can do for your team, schedule a call and
we’ll chat about your needs.

Why Work With Me?

I have worked with over 1,700 leaders and I have seen the difference good communication makes on struggling teams. It's everything!

Using my education, skills and experience, you can learn best practices of what actually works, including cutting edge ideas and insights. My experience also comes with quality facilitation, that is professional and engaging. I'm also an award-winning leadership program designer, who can custom-design a leadership program specifically for your culture and industry. In fact, I designed a program for emerging leaders that generated 1300% ROI!

I am just as comfortable in the virtual space, as in person. While you may wonder how to create connection and openness when people are not sharing physical space, I have successfully done just that with leaders like you.

And with almost 10 years in the global manufacturing industry, I get it. I understand the pressures you face, the fast paced and ever-changing environment you work in, and the importance of production and cost-savings, while maintaining high standards of safety and quality.

When working with your team, I will facilitate a different kind of conversation: one that increases alignment and trust - two things that are critical to successful team performance.


Tired of spinning your wheels? Let's have a results-oriented conversation about hitting targets, better and sooner.


Are there professional standards for the coaching industry?

Yes, as a registered professional coach, I must:

- follow a code of ethics
- show specific competencies, and
- undergo an accreditation process.


Plus, I’m a member of the International Coach Federation, a governing body for coaches. To learn more, click here: Coaching Federation


How much does coaching with you cost?

Each coaching package is customized to your needs. The packages differ in length of time to support the change needed for your desired result. To really see results though, expect that we will need at least three months to start.

What Others are Saying

Julie encouraged me to set big, exhilarating goals that felt purposeful instead of settling on muted goals I knew could be achieved but were not exciting. The goals were written and structured with such personal purpose that revisiting and recommitting to them was energizing. Thanks to Julie I made more progress towards my big scary goals in 6 months than I had over the last 5 years.

- Patricia Widmeyer, Vice President Global Controller, Husky Injection Molding Systems

Julie was involved with our team for months, doing team building, team coaching, and DISC. While this was happening, Julie was also my personal coach to help me become a better leader.

By the time we were done, our facility earned first spot on the organizational KPI race, against 55 other facilities. Our quality and delivery issues were minimized, and our earnings went from -300k to +1.7M per month. Much of this success I can honestly attribute to Julie for helping us become a better team and better leaders.

- Chris Bannayan, Director of Manufacturing, Engineering and Launch, The High Tech Gears

Julie's passion for talent development and leadership extended beyond the boardroom. She was always available to offer advice and support. Using the concepts and strategies from the training she provided, Julie coached leaders on real workplace situations, connecting the training materials to tangible business outcomes.

As a business leader, this is where I believe Julie adds tremendous value. I highly recommend her for any leadership development or organizational development opportunity.

- Greg Ferneyhough, General Manager, Linamar Gear

The DISC follow-up session with the team was better than I expected! I really enjoyed learning about the employees’ perspectives about applying DiSC to the concept of making mistakes and dealing with them. We all got value from the meaningful discussions that were had. Thank you Julie!

- Mathieu Tessier, VP Client relationships and Innovation, Sunlife Financial

In under 3 months, Julie facilitated my most gratifying, life-hacking, personal effectiveness progression and growth. What I had attempted so many times, she facilitated with wisdom and ease.


Julie is an incredible coach, and I will not hesitate to reach out and seek to work with her again to continue to evolve into my best self, or once again to be coached over invisible hurdles and self-imposed barriers. I am excited for the future experiences I can work with Julie and grow in ways I didn’t know were possible.

- Amanda Fannasy Newsome, Implementation Manager, Medbill

I was surprised by how much this class helped! Usually with these types of courses, you are bogged down with too much material and get overwhelmed. Having the class as an open conversation and being able to practice scenarios was a great benefit and kept my attention the entire day. If people approach this class with an open mind and put the effort in, there is no way they won’t get something out of it.

- James Wyrembelski, Materials Analyst, McLaren Engineering

I came into this training with a screwdriver and I’m leaving with a power drill. You were fabulous. Thank you.

- Geoff Gill, Materials and Purchasing Manager, Linamar North Carolina

This course provided our leadership team with exactly what I was looking for, which was a shared experience, face-to-face to build skills, knowledge and a baseline of shared vocabulary about conversations, delegation, coaching and accountability. The environment was "challenging" in a positive way, pushing us a bit beyond comfort levels to practice and set goals.

- Cathy Lennon, General Manager, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

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