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Conflict Resolution 

While leadership and team development are great ways to advance organizational effectiveness, there are times when those initiatives just aren’t enough. That is why we have decided to partner with Benard + Associates Inc., who are leading experts in understanding the root cause of workplace conflict. Through a variety of processes such as investigations, assessments, and mediation, they help clients make informed decisions on managing their internal issues effectively.

Bernard & Associates Inc.

Benard + Associates Inc. specialize in workplace conflict resolution and investigation services. And they allow us to take our full-service offerings a step further, as we build on their work and provide complementary training services that target the issues their work uncovers.

Dean Benard and his team of highly trusted and respected professionals have, for over 18 years, provided effective solutions to their clients in a wide variety of industries. Reimagine Leadership is very proud to partner with Benard + Associates Inc. to provide exceptional, integrated services to our clients.

To learn more about Benard + Associates Inc, please visit their website.


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